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rif BCClone Statitics New Version 1.6.41 beta

Plugin to show visit statistics for your Typesetter pages.

Based on the BBClone 0.6.4 freeware application (A PHP based Web Counter on Steroids).

NB! Logged in Administrator visits are not counted.

What's new:
  • Detailed archive statistics for months and years. (Archiving can be activated from the admin configuration page)
  • Click Counter. You must add class named "bbc-clickcounter" to your html element and write title. (EX. <a href="" target="_blank" class="bbc-clickcounter" title="my first click link">).
  • Online Gadget, which shows how many visitors and robots are currently browsing your pages. It can be placed on a page template (for example, in a footer).
  • "Hide Robots link" for Detailed Stats and Time Stats.
  • Sorting detailed statistics (browsers, pages, ip address, etc.)
  • PS! Before installing "rif BCC Statistics v1", uninstall the old version.


Plugin is multi-language. You can translate plugin texts if "Rif Multilanguage Manager" is installed.

English need correction. If you change language files or add some new, please send a link to the files (Contact


  • Add ip address detector and time stamp to the clicker. For example, If someone clicks from the same ip address for the second time on the same link, then the click not recorded after a certain time or never again.


... up to 1,1 mb (zipped)

New Version V1

Old Version


Download, copy folder inside zip file to your Typesetter "addon" folder in server via ftp and run install in Plugin Manager.


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