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Plugins for Typpesetter CMS

I've created various plugins since Typesetter/gpEasy version 4.0, to add different ways of editing and greating your pages.

But whenever a new opportunity is created, the idea is to do it a little more in depth.

Of course, the time consuming is quite big and It's often overwhelmed that there is so much time left for the site to be set up. The creation of these plug-ins has not paid off in the end and is like more of a ghost and hoping that someone else might need these expanded options on their Typesetter/gpEasy pages.

Some of these plugins are more complex, may be basically for the creator of the pages, others are simpler and more intuitive, for all website editors, or both at once.

The names of these plugins start at suffix "rif-", to distinguish them from the others plugins, because some plugins are modifications from others.

Orientation is multilingual for all plugins, because there are other nations and countries who also need their own opportunities in addition to English. All the opportunities for multilingualism are not yet ready. But to make it easier "rif-Multi Language" plugin has been created and most of the plugins listed here are ready to use it.

All the official Typesetter plugins are here.

Plugins list