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Rif Background Changer 1.5

(tested with PHP8 & Typesetter 5.3)

This plugin allows you to exchange background images, colors, added CSS or added Javascript on each selected page separately.

The options popup window for each page opens to the link in the top bar for admins.

Quick upload and image selection (by clicking on the thumbnail).
Quick selection for styles or template.

Predefined styles that you can optionally set to a page.
Colors and background image directories can be predefined.

If a default template is specified, then it will be used on all pages, unless otherwise specified on the page.

If the page has a sub-menu in the menu, the settings for the top menu page are used on all the pages on sub-menu, unless otherwise indicated on the lower pages.

If you use the "Rif Multilanguage Manager" then default language page settings are used on the translation page, unless otherwise indicated on these page.

Plugin is multi-language. You can translate plugin texts if "Rif Multilanguage Manager" is installed.

English need correction. If you change language files or add some new, please send a link to the files (Contact

Configuration and info on the admin page


Here you will see the list of pages as a table. The table shows pages, information and editing link (when the page has been set).


General settings:

  • Default packground images directory.
  • Predefined colors.


Here you can save new and edit old styles.

  • Choose a style to change, or save a new style
  • Style Title (required)
  • The style background images directory (if not specified, the default directory is used)
  • Selector setting (example: body, #elemendi_ID, .elemendi class)
  • Do not use - if you select the options here, then these options will not be shown in the background options popup window.
  • CSS and JS settings
  • Description/help (for style).
  • On the footer you can see, which pages the chosen style is used.


If you can, please donate, thaks :-)

(up to 100kb zipped)



Download, copy folder inside zip file to your Typesetter "addon" folder in server via ftp and run install in Plugin Manager.

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