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Media Play 1.3.1 beta (HTML 5)

This is very useful plugin for playing audio and video files. It allow to make playlists and get media files from you own server or from portal. You can select start and end time for media files and add captions. I use this plugin also in this site. If you want see, it is here.

Plugin is multi-language. You can translate plugin texts if "Rif Multilanguage Manager" is installed.

English need correction. If you change language files or add some new, please send a link to the files (Contact


Based on the previously created simple plugin "Mediaelement Player" created by Juergen Krausz. It allows the HTML5 Media Element to add in to your text section. (you see two new icons in your ck text editor, for audio and for video   ). By clicking on them, a dialog popup window opens to select a media file from your server. After clicking OK, the video or audio player at your designated place.

This part has not been substantially modified, besides the admin texts have been translated (estonian, english) and special class is added to distinguish him from the List Player.
Popular javascript framework mediaelementjs is in use

The plugin with media error files is up to 10mb (zipped)

Media List Player

To use Media List Player is not mandatory to select media files to play. Just press OK in dialog window, save your text section and exit to the editor screen. After that you will see such picture on your page.

It is audio:


It is video:


... and a link "EDIT" has appeared below the player and if you klick on it, dialog window opens to create and edit your media list and configure player :-).

Media List administration:


List player options:

  • SELECT SAVED LIST PLAYER OR MAKE NEW ONE (In bottom you can erease, copy, save and write list title)
  • Show Playlist on load.
  • Show Playlist on pause.
  • Hide Playlist on play.
  • 1. Shuffle on (play all tracks by track and stop if list ended).
  • 2. Loop on (looping media track).
  • Than the previous two is both selected, the list played to the end and will start agen.
  • Show media link (URL) (playing media track URL address link showing on the bottom)
  • Preload


List player control bar and show:

  • prev track (button: play previous media track)
  • play pause (button: play or pause)
  • next track (button: play next media track)
  • loop (button: loop selected track)
  • shuffle (button: play all tracks by track and stop if list ended)
  • ....... NB! than the previous two is both activated, the list played to the end and will start agen.
  • current time (show it) 
  • progress (show it)
  • duration (show it)
  • volume (button: allow sound volume)
  • playlist (button: show/hide play list)
  • caption tracks (button: show/hide captions) 
  • fullscreen  (button: show in fullscreen)


List player dimensions:

  • Width (px or precent, default is 100%)
  • MaxHeight (px)
  • MinHeight (px)


Media list:

Drag and drop to change media item queue.

For each media item can be set:

Media fail (URL): Mandatory! Get it - in audio list, only from your server. - in video list also from your server, but if your list type is "YouTube" then new window is opens and you can select media from YouTube searching list.
YouTube default search term can be set from the admin page. The last search word is saved and last YouTube search page is saved.

Media title: Mandatory! If get from YouTube, field is automatically filled.

Media cover image (URL): You can select image from own server on write some URLIf get from YouTube, field is automatically filled. A small image is visible on the right side.

Change durability: Popup window opens and you can set start and end time. There is timeline to do that. Small video window is shown and you can see where you are.

Use captions: Popup window opens and you can select caption file from your server, create new or edit old files. Small video window is shown, caption text table and timeline also. Not strongly tested!

Footer: The footer shows pages where the list is being used.

Media list player admin pages:

There is audio and video lists editor the same as described above.
Besides there is one info page where to show info for all media lists and pages where its stored. Onclick goes to the corresponding page or to the editor of the list player.

From time to time you can sanitize your playlists. if they need cleaning, a message will appear.


To Do List

Need to update MediaElement.js version. (current version is 2.23.4)


If you can, please donate, thaks :-)

...with media error files is up to 10mb (zipped)

If you downloaded or installed this plugin from the Typesetter repository, you may need a full sized Media Error files. These are the media files, that used when the media added to the list is not found (deleted). Download them, unzip and upload into the "media" directory, via your page upload manager(admin menu ... "Content" - "Uploaded Files").

Error media examples
Video mp4 1280x740 16:9 7,50MB 6,3sec :

Audio mp3 256 Kbps 213kb 6,8sec :


Animated gif-s 1387x780 778kb :


Download, copy folder inside zip file to your Typesetter "addon" folder in server via ftp and run install in Plugin Manager.

Beforehand you must to uninstall previous "MediaElement Player" by Juergen Krausz.
Do not worry, your audios and videos are still there. Only the control bar has a different look.
PS! But to use the media list player for the media already on the page, you need to open the media in the text editor of the page (to do this, click on the media and click the appropriate audio or video button  , dialog box pops up). The ID for the media is automatically given after pressing the OK button.

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